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About us

Championing Marginalised Creatives

Harvey Parker Trust aims to reduce inequality in the UK’s creative and cultural industries and improve the quality of life of young people in the creative and cultural industries who suffer disadvantage and discrimination.

Mental health wellbeing is in crisis. Creative work is inseparable from personal identity: that’s why the toll on mental wellbeing is particularly acute for artists, and those who work in the arts. The toll is most acute for those who come from marginalised backgrounds – whether that’s on account of their disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or social class.

Mental health wellbeing can turn so very quickly and suddenly: there are far too few resources available to young people needing help.

What the Trust Does  

We want to reduce inequality in the UK’s creative and cultural industries and support mental health wellbeing.

We will help educate the public on the need to support young creatives’ wellbeing. And we will support young creatives to strengthen and build their mental health wellbeing.

The Trust aims to

Raise awareness of the need for mental health support for young, marginalised creatives – through concerts, and through advocacy.

Signpost wellbeing support for young, marginalised creatives.

Build peer networks for young, marginalised creatives in need of mental health support.

Build and deliver mental health support programmes for young, marginalised creatives.​

Harvey Bosco 
Lennon Parker

July 2001 - December 2021

We have raised funds and created a Trust in memory of Harvey; to support young adults who benefit from emotional or mental health support, including neurodiverse, gender-diverse, and talented musicians from under-represented communities.​

Harvey championed marginalised perspectives: the worked for recognition and care of marginalised people.

The Harvey Parker Trust has been created in their memory to support the mental health wellbeing of young marginalised creatives facing mental challenge.

Harvey was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.

The new Future Talent Harvey Parker Award  for Woodwind is being sponsored by Mark Peaker and Calvin Hui (co-founders of 3812 Gallery in London), and we are most grateful to them for their support.

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